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Oona Krieg

My first Bikram Yoga class was surprising; it was hot, I was sweating, I could not do any of the positions that everyone else seemed to be able to do with ease. It was overwhelming. It took that first class, and already I could breathe better. After 5 days I felt grounded, stronger, calmer. I began to make Bikram Yoga part of my weekly routine. I was an avid runner and cyclist and felt that adding yoga practice to my life deepened my abilities. I was building my body, not injuring or breaking down my body. More than that, yoga grounded my overactive brain, my body, my soul. I was less reactive in the world and I learned this by practicing it in the yoga room.

After one year I became pregnant and was very sick. I was unable to continue my Bikram Yoga practice in the hot room. However I continued to do the warm up series for a few months. The breathing techniques I learned in practice really helped me when it was time to have my baby. Somehow that year of yoga taught my body to remain present through the pain of birthing by using the gift of breath and intention. I have no doubt that my yoga experience at Bikram Yoga Tri-City created new pathways for my mind, body and soul to meet, equilibrium.

Now I have been back to practice Bikram Yoga for two weeks. I thought that I might have started at the beginning again. I was ready to be a newcomer. First of all I was welcomed back by the staff like I was family. Such a warm reception quelled my fear about how hard it might be to begin at the beginning again. After the first five minutes in the room, I gave myself permission to just be in the room. You know the body is an amazing place. Not only am I back in the room, my body does remember everything from the year before. I can believe those words "cellular memory". Now, however, there is an added gift, I am more aware of alignment, breath and the gentleness required deepening my practice. I believe that Bikram Yoga has changed the course of my life. Not only the outside physically but internally how I experience the world and all that is around me. I value the time I spend in the room. I hope everyone who seeks some peace of mind, body and soul gives it a try.

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