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Chelsy Lumb

One day I woke up, looked in the mirror, and I hated who I saw. I was frustrated with how my clothes fit and disappointed with my over all life decisions. I decided something had to change. I was tired of being looked at as the big boned girl; really what they were saying was over weight girl, just sugar coated.

My girlfriend and I decided to try Bikram hot yoga. That very next Monday we signed up for the $20.00 for 1 week of unlimited yoga special for First Timers. The big day came. I was really worried about being dehydrated so I drank 2 litres of water right before class. Well about 10 minutes into class, wouldn't you know I had to pee. I was afraid to leave because Michael said to me, "Try to stay in the room for the 90 minutes today - that's your goal." So I did.       

No one forgets their first Bikram yoga class, I know I never will. I don't think I heard one word Michael said to me that day. All I could think about was, 

"You're joking!"  You want me to do what? I'm hot, thirsty, tired and itchy. How many more yoga postures are left? When can I get out of this torture chamber?

 Call me crazy but there was something about that class that my body craved. After my 1st week was up, I committed myself, body, mind, and soul for one year. Well just then Dan (another yoga teacher) looked up at me from behind the counter and said this is the best decision you have ever made! It's going to change your life. He was right.     

Why Bikram yoga worked for me: Nice flexible class schedule, no partner required and class has a "No one gets left behind attitude". I took 202 yoga classes in one year and went from 191.3 lb to 145.7lb. Trust me it works.

It did not matter how many times I fell out of the posture or thought I was going to die; the teachers never gave up on me. This is a very empowering feeling. To me this is 90 minutes for myself, 90 minutes to leave everything behind. No work, boyfriend, family stress, etc.

Bikram yoga has given me confidence, grounding, control of my hormones, clear skin, healthy eating habits, and a love for who I am! I could not imagine my life without Bikram yoga.

I have decided to further my practice and become a Bikram Yoga teacher so that I can inspire people the way I have been inspired. A special thanks to Jenell, Michael, Dan, Patrick and Esther.     


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