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Barbara Isaak

Physically my body from head to toe has been affected, in a good way, by Bikram Yoga.

Sinus headaches...gone.

Big toe bunions...gone, almost.

Circulation is so good that my eyesight & hearing have improved.

My lungs are now "big breathers". (Womens breathing is typically quite shallow)

Compared to 3 years ago my body looks and feels fabulous.

Mentally..more clarity, easier to focus and I can't remember if my memory is better or not. Maybe next year.

Spiritually Bikram Yoga has helped me be more in touch with my higher self..allowing the ego to drop into a less controlling role.

I cannot imagine life without Bikram Yoga.

Thank-you Gulie for bringing Bikram Yoga to us.

ps. My son started Bikram Yoga before me and coaxed me to join. He is a changed man physically, mentally and spiritually.

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