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New Students
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To help you on your path to becoming a yogi, we suggest some discounted specials that are available to new students.

NOTE : These specials are only available to NEW STUDENTS who purchase a membership before their Introductory Offer expires.

Auto Renew Monthly Unlimited Membership

First month $69 +gst ($30 off, plus we waive the $20 set-up fee!).

Each month after $99 + gst per month.

This membership is a great value and the most popular membership option if you practice 2 or more times per week.

  • As an extra incentive, if you enroll before your introductory offer expires the set-up fee will be waived, and we will take an additional $30 off your first month. 
  • Memberships may be suspended in 1 month increments, up to a maximum of 2 months. 
  • A minimum 3 month commitment is required for this membership. 
  • There is no contract necessary but give 30 days notice in writing to terminate membership.

One Year Unlimited Yoga

Just $777 + gst

You save $111. If you are committed to a long term regular practice of 2 or more times a week - this memebership offers the lowest per class fee available.

  • If you go out of town or cannot attend for any reason, we allow you to put your unlimited year on hold once for a maximum 30 days.
  • If you practice 3 days a week you are paying only $4.88 per class.

Class Cards

For those whose schedule will only allow them to attend classes once or twice a week. Class cards allow you to purchase a set amount of classes.

20 Classes : $220 + gst  -  1 year expiry - YOU SAVE $40 !

50 Classes : $440 + gst  -  2 year - YOU SAVE $142 !

New students find out all you need to know here.View our up to date class schedules.Check out our Membership Options.